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Start A Business in Taiwan 創業基本功

As startup lawyers in Taiwan, Xiri Attorneys has seen increasing numbers of foreign entrepreneurs and startups landing in Taiwan. Thus, we would like to address 3 frequently asked questions that we believe every foreign entrepreneur must consider before deciding to start a business in Taiwan:

  1. Which type of company best suits you?
  2. How does one set up a company?
  3. How long does it take to set up a company?


🎟Register Here:

📅 Date: Wednesday, Sep 28th, 2022
⏰ Time: 7:30pm – 9:00pm (GMT +8)
🗣 Language: English
📍 Location: the Hive Taipei
💵 Admission: Free for Hivers & Xirilaw Members | Non-Members $100

Xiri Attorneys 專注於提供精確且即時的法律諮詢與併購及投資交易諮詢服務。主要客戶包括國內外企業,包括新創公司、網路及生物科技之業者。本所亦時常以英文直接處理涉外法律事務,並擅於為跨國企業處理法令遵循等相關問題。

Xiri Attorneys focuses on providing in-depth and precise legal advice and transaction legal advisory services to both local and foreign corporate clients, particularly in new technology, internet, and life science industries, as well as providing legal services for startups and fintech companies.

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