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US + Canada Market Access for Taiwanese Digital Health

An introduction to the Dos and Don’ts to successfully launch your Digital Health innovation in the US and Canada. ~Admission fee: 150TWD

About This Event:

Three Market Access, Taipei based, experts share their insights and experience on how to successfully launch your medical device in the US and Canada.

In this presentation, we will primarily focus on Marketing and Regulatory/Quality strategy as two interdependent aspects of a successful launch in North America.

Presenters will aim to share basic watch-outs and key points to consider when deciding to export your device to North America.

Event will allow for plenty of time for Q&A and networking with presenters and other attendees.

Event structure:

7-7.30pm: Registration+Networking+Getting a drink

7.30-8.30pm: 20min presentations in the following order:

  • “Compliance is your market access” by Michel Wouters
  • “Letter vs. Spirit: compliance is a mindset” by Hasnaa Fatehi PhD, RAC
  • “Secrets of building consumer brands for US market” by Thao Le

8.30-9pm: Q&A+

9-10pm: More networking



📍Where: The Hive Taipei

📅 When: February 25th 2021, 7 – 10pm

Admission Fee: $150NTD includes a drink

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