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Ticket Prices 票價
$450 cash (MOWES or the Hive locations)
現金價 450元 (MOWES或 the Hive 聚點)
*請戴口罩. Please wear a mask.
We are thrilled to announce our biggest performance of the year!
Inspired by the Vagina Monologues written by Eve Ensler and the performances we hosted the past two years, the MOWES team has collected over 100 stories about the experiences of having a vulva from people in our community. Each story is sacred and unique. They tell stories of joy, discovery, pleasure, pain, struggle, and growth. This play will be performed by women, non-binary, and trans voices in English, Mandarin and Taiwanese.
The proceeds from the performance will go to keeping our doors open and make it possible for us to expand our community outreach program, where we host free seminars and workshops on gender equality, sexual harassment, and self-confidence at local high schools and universities. We hope to create awareness for LGTQIA+ issues and empower others to work together towards a more equal and compassionate world.
持續經營這個表演,我們並敞開大門,開拓社區外展方案,如至高中和大學校園談論性別平等、性騷擾以及自信的免費研討會、工作坊。我們的目標是建立更多對 LGTQIA+ 的意識,培力人們共同開創更平等且富同情心的世界。
說明: LGTQIA+ 中,Lesbian 女同性戀者、Gay 泛指同性戀,多指男同性戀者、Transgender 跨性別者、Intersex 雙性人,指天生具有雄性與雌性性徵的人、Asexual 無性戀者、Queer 包含但不僅限於LGBTIA的群體總稱,其中B代表Bisexual 雙性戀。
Please join us in creating a sacred space to bring awareness to gender inequalities, gender-based violence, and sexual freedom so that we may empower individuals to use their voice in solidarity.
TW: The content is sensitive and disturbing; it contains stories about gender identity and conflict, childbirth, abortion, domestic violence, and sexual assault. This performance is not suitable for children under 16 years old.
TW: 本活動僅限年滿16歲以上人員參與,因表演內容十分敏感,可能令人不適,包含了性別意識與衝突、分娩、流產、家庭暴力、性侵等議題。
Who is MOWES?
MOWES is a non-profit community space in Taipei dedicated to gender equality, focusing on women’s empowerment. We host classes and events that foster diversity, acceptance, and equality for all. Find us in Shida Nightmarket or online at
Who is MOWES?
位於台北師大夜市的非營利社群空間,致力於推展性別平等、女性賦權等議題,並以促進多元化、多元融合與平等之主題,辦理各式課程及活動。歡迎透過活動或網站 ( 更進一步認識我們!
Who is the Hive?
The Hive is a well-known coworking space across 7 countries. The Taiwan location is located in Taipei, Ximen area and run by four women. We have more than 200 members here in Taipei, which include local Taiwanese companies and individuals, and foreigners who make Taipei their second home.
(For details please check out our official website
設計獨特的台北共享辦公室,於2019年1月正式營運。座落於台北市中心,全球有21間據點,目前台北店由四位女性掌管經營,會員超過200位,是提供公司營業登記及新創團隊舒適的最佳選擇。The Hive Taipei 致力於建立一個促進交流、協作的社群,為您量身打造一個超脫傳統辦公室的環境。我們的會員涵蓋海內外的企業、新創團隊和各式型態的遠距工作者,幫助您的業務茁壯發展。
We will have Kristi Thornbury do live art at the performances and the paintings can be purchased right after the shows!
Kristi Thornbury is an Artist with a Fine Arts degree in Studio Arts, and a Canadian certified Visual Arts Teacher.
She is founder and Teacher at Yili Arts – Art Party & Workshops in Tienmu since 2014.
Kristi is excited by new challenges such as painting in front of an audience and connecting with the emotional experiences of others as a source of creative inspiration.
Special thanks to Ooh Cha Cha, Red Room Rendezvous, and Vecs Gardenia for their sponsorship.
Thank you to Li Ya Wen @liyawenme for her original art and graphics. (IG @liyawenme)
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