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Taste the Elixir: A peak in to a modern functional language, in a highly concurrent virtual machine

Elixir is a high-level functional language, built on-top of a battle tested, highly concurrent, and fault-tolerant runtime. You might have come across it on hackernews or Reddit. Come and find out what all the buzz is about! About the host, Mickey: Mickey founded the local Elixir meetup with a few friends, and had been organizing it since 2016.

📍地點 Where: The Hive Taipei
📅日期 When: 10月16日 October 16th 2019
⏰ 時間 Time: 19:00 – 21:30
🗣 語言 Language: 中文, English
🎟門票 Admission fee:
Hive- Members:$50 NTD / Non-Members: $100 NTD
*includes a drink
**fee will be collected upon arrival**
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