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Revamp your meetings with the Design Sprint Vol. 2

The Design Sprint has allowed Frankish to truly differentiate itself from other development shops. We have replaced long-winded, often useless discussion with tangible, repeatable techniques towards solving your problems. Come join us as we guide you through a condensed version of the Design Sprint. The same process that has been used by the likes of Facebook, IBM, and Google.

正是Design Sprint讓富藍格諮詢與其他開發行銷有所區別。


與Facebook、IBM和Google等公司使用的一樣的流程。加入我們,我們將引導您完成Design Sprint精簡版本。

Hive Members: 200NTD
Non-Hive Members: 250NTD

Date: Wednesday, June 12th 2019

19.00 to 21.00

Location: The Hive Taipei

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