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New Year Gathering: Dumpling & Rice Ball MakingI祝新年,手作餃子湯圓聚會!

Chinese New year is coming! Let’s get in the holiday spirit with a handmade dumpling and rice ball workshop at @The Hive Taipei!

新年即將到來,讓Hive Taipei提前與您共渡新年時光吧!這次要一起同樂手工製作餃子以及湯圓,有鹹又有甜,讓我們在新年假期到來前再聚一聚吧!

🎟 RSVP here:

📅 Date: 18th January, 2023 (Wednesday)

⏰ Time: 6:00pm – 8:00pm (GMT +8)

🗣 Language: English 英文/ Chinese中文

📍 Location: the Hive Taipei

💵 General Admission: $200

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