17/07/2019 07:00pm the Hive Taipei

Macrame Bottle Holder Workshop 提袋編繩課程

Join us for this beginner lesson where you will enjoy the art of macrame and make your bottle hanger. All materials are included but please bring your own bottle for size customization. Although it may appear complicated at first glance, but once you master 3 knots technique all that remains is to repeat the process in a creative way.

Workshop Content:
Overview of the tools and materials
Helpful tips on getting perfect equal spacing between each knot
Structure of the bag holder with square knots technique
Handle with wrapping knot technique

About the Instructor:
Jill is a textile designer currently living and working in Taipei. She studied graphic design at Calpoly Pomona University and later worked as a graphic designer for more than 20 years. In 2018, she founded MESA to further her creative expression and explore a new field in making macramé. Experimenting with textures, materials, and forms, her work covers a wild range of products such as furniture, fashion accessories, plant hangers, etc. Her workshops inspire many to learn or relearn the art of knotting and weaving.

Event Timing: July 17th, 2019 19:00-21:00
Location: The Hive Taipei, No. 119, Section 1 Chongqing South Road Zhongzheng District
Price:700 NT
The Hive Member Price:600NT
Duration of the class: 2hr
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MESA手作邀請你下班之後一起來學習 靜心的編繩藝術,在這次的課程裡你將學會用3種不同的結製作你專屬的提袋。所有材料都包含在內)請學員們自行攜帶你的水壺或是瓶子。今天就開始你的編繩旅程


在工業產品充斥每一個角落的時代,有一群人,卻仍堅守著傳統的手作生活。一線一結,歲歲年年,讓設計與工藝的結晶在手指上綻放。令人怦然心動的,不止是精美的物品,還有時光與技藝沉澱出的靜謐。編繩的迷人之處是在於只要一雙手、幾條線,重複固定的纏繞打結動作,不知不覺間,當心中的煩悶雨過天青,韻味的作品也慢慢顯現因為婚禮時收到編繩的禮物,而陷入一場終身學習編繩的生活。2018年成立MESA 這一年來心安住在工作中,把手作做為自己的禪堂,不斷想超越自己的平面思維,思索如何將編繩設計融入日常生活產品裡。

時間: 7月17號 19:00-21:00
上課地點 : The Hive Taipei, 重慶南路一段119號
價格:700 NT
The Hive 會員 價格:600NT
上課時數: 2hr
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