08/05/2019 12:00pm the Hive Taipei

Lunchtime Yoga with Chris 初學者瑜珈課 (30mins)

Give your mind and body the energy it needs
with a 30minute lunchtime yoga experience.

Every Wednesday at 12pm at The Hive Taipei

200nt members
250nt non-members

◉◎ About the class ◎◉

Music, postures and breathing exercises encourage students to tap into a deeper mind / body experience that will build strength, flexibility, and conscience awareness.

This a beginner class which means the postures and practice are suitable for all levels including those with limited or zero yoga experience.

◉◎ Tips for beginners ◎◉

1) Be ok with where you are today.

Not everyone is flexible or strong, and that’s ok because it just doesn’t matter that much anyways.

2) Be gentle

Effort in class is good. But don’t go beyond your capabilities. Learn to be moderate and know your limitation.

3) Don’t do anything that hurts.

Only you know your own body. If something hurts when you do it, back off.

4) Ask questions

If you want to know more about a specific posture, please come to class EARLY—I would love to help you.

◉◎ What is Ghosh Yoga? ◎◉

“Ghosh Yoga” is a system of classical Hatha yoga created and taught by Bishnu Charan Ghosh in Kolkata India.

What most distinguishes Ghosh’s system is the use of stillness during and after yoga postures and a focus on the therapeutic culture of yoga.

◉◎ More about Chris ◎◉

Chris studied prescriptive yoga at Ghosh’s Yoga College in Kolkata, India. Under the instruction of Muktamala Mitra—granddaughter of Bishnu Charan Ghosh who founded the Ghosh College of Physical Education in 1923.

Chris also trained with Tony Sanchez and has successfully completed his level 2 Core40 and level 3 MastersCore trainings.

Chris also co-founded Oceansound Yoga Festival 海沁瑜珈節

◉◎ Other classes ◎◉

Chris offers a one hour version of this class every Wednesday at 7pm at Peacestreet Community Center
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