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Let’s Talk Marketing: Your Business & Donald Miller’s Storybrand

The fatal mistake some brands make, especially young brands who believe they need to prove themselves, is they position themselves as the hero in the story instead of the guide.”

Are you making this mistake with your marketing? Is your message positioning your brand properly in your customer’s story, or is it missing the mark and going unnoticed?

In the first part of the evening, we’ll do an exploration into why stories have become such a critical part of modern marketing.

We’ll draw on insights from Nancy Duarte’s Resonate: Present Visual Stories That Transform Audiences, Bernadette Jiwa’s StoryDriven: You Don’t Need to Compete When You Know Who You Are, Seth Godin’s This Is Marketing: You Can’t Be Seen Until You Learn To See, and Donald Miller’s Storybrand: Clarify Your Message So Your Customers Will Listen.

Then in the second part of the evening, we’ll apply the Storybrand framework for the businesses / ideas of members of the audience in an interactive exercise. By doing this together, you’ll deepen your understanding of the principles at play and be able to apply them to your own situations or ventures.

If you’re into marketing for your job, business, or side hustle, this is an excellent book to read and understand. And if you bring your idea to the event, we’ll help you get started on how to apply this framework for you!

The evening will be led by Joel Curry, founder of the Bamboo Collectif, a community for entrepreneurs, innovators, and lifelong learners. Your ticket includes a drink, so bring your ideas, enjoy a beverage, and let’s talk about marketing!

Ticket Price:
Hive Members: 200NTD (incl. one drink)
Non-Hive Members: 250NTD (incl. one drink)

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This event will be conducted in English.

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