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How to be a Programmer

Do you know the basics of coding? If you aspire to work as a programmer, or you want to learn about when it would be like, this workshop will help you. Pairwise cofounders Sean and Ian are going to discuss the specifics of working as a software engineer – plus some handson time for you to try out their programme.


What you will learn:

– What’s a software developer career like?

– How do I become a software developer?

– Is a degree essential?

– What’s the best way to learn and gain experience?

– Introduction to Pairwise, an online course to train new software engineers


Pairwise is a startup founded in 2020 which is trying to redefine how people learn software development. Pairwise is building an online, self-paced, challenge and project based curriculum to teach people full-stack software development so they can launch their own app idea, start a career as a software developer, or just gain more technical skills which are so important in the modern economy.


🎟 Register here:


📆 Date: Thursday, July 2nd

🕒 Time: 7:00-8:30pm

📍Where: the Hive Taipei


About the speakers:

Sean and Ian met working as software engineers in San Francisco a few years ago, and both originally came from a background of teaching themselves to code and learning through non-traditional approaches. Now, coincidentally they are both living in Taiwan, and began to collaborate as founders for Pairwise this year. 


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