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IG LIVE: Down the Rabbit Hole with Monica Mao

Down the Rabbit Hole is a fun and easy-going livestream catch up on the Hive Taiwan’s Instagram, where we chat with influencers about themselves and their booming businesses. They’ll take us Down the Rabbit Hole of the good and the bad!

This month, we will be speaking with Monica Mao, a talented young mother, the founder of Berries Floral! Berries Floral is a self-made florist company that is famous for its elegant taste, delicate skills, and most of all, its creative flower arrangement. Make sure to join this talk to learn more about Monica’s life story and how she has persevered to achieve true success!

Tune in LIVE on Instagram @thehivetaiwan!

📅 Date: Thursday, July 14th, 2022

⏰ Time: 3pm – 4pm (GMT +8)

🗣 Language: Chinese Mandarin, 中文

📍 Location: Instagram LIVE on the Hive Taiwan

Monica Mao had her first child at the age of twenty, yet she never stopped pursuing her passions. Monica instead finished her Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and started her own business – Berries Floral, a creative flower arrangement company that decorates spaces that hold special events.

Monica’s exceptional skills in flower arranging have led her to collaboration with international brands such as Jo Malone and Lady M, and KOLs such as Molly Chiang! Berries Floral official instagram account has now reached more than 12k followers due to her beautiful work pictures and Monica’s cute family updates from time to time.

In the beginning of this interview, we will have a fast Q&A with Monica Mao about her likes and dislikes; and later, we will dive into Monica’s life stories on how she managed to pull through school, starting a family and her own business, and remembering who she is  at the same time!

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