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Down the Rabbit Hole with 人生百味 Do You A Flavor

Down the Rabbit Hole is a fun and easy-going catch up live on the Hive Taipei’s Instagram, where we chat with influencers about themselves and their booming businesses. They’ll take us Down the Rabbit Hole of the good and the bad!

This month, we will be speaking with the inspiring team behind 人生百味 Do You A Flavor, who have been supporting the homeless and vulnerable community in Taiwan society since 2014. 

They have led many projects, from providing living shelters with food and essentials, to raising awareness and supporting those who are in need. Do You A Flavor is working to prove that once people have the heart and devotion to help, we can work together to make society a better place through empathy and taking action. 

Down the Rabbit Hole 是 the Hive 目前在Instagram上的系列線上活動,全球據點都會邀請在不同產業中發光發熱,並且在社群上很有影響力的 KOL 來跟我們做輕鬆的直播訪談!

如果想要了解 人生百味 Do You A Flavor 是如何成功的從2014年至今展開多項幫助弱勢族群的專案包含:百味家屋、人生萬事屋、寫寫字工作坊、女性無家者陪伴計畫、街頭尾牙、人生柑仔店:街賣翻轉計畫及友善回收計畫…等等,或者想要加入一起改善街頭景象的行列,歡迎加入這集的Down the Rabbit Hole當中,我們將與人生百味的阿德坐下來聊聊,讓大家認識他們成功背後傾盡的努力與汗水!

Tune in LIVE on Instagram @thehivetaiwan! 


📅 Date: Monday, May 30th, 2022

⏰ Time: 6pm – 7pm (GMT +8)

🗣️ Language: Chinese Mandarin, 中文

📍 Location: Instagram LIVE on the Hive Taiwan





Do You A Flavor is a unique team of people coming from different backgrounds, such as Design, Business Management, Engineering, Psychology, Social Studies and Chinese Studies.

Since 2014, they have been running different creative campaigns to raise awareness to help those who live on the streets. 

Do You A Flavor believes that it’s not the people that need to be changed, but the situation that needs to change. If we can work together to improve our environment, make an effort to help each other, and improve accessibility, we can grow a safe social web for all society members in need. 





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