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Benefit Gala for Gender Equality 性別平等慈善晚宴

Tickets are $3000 per person
Dresscode: pink and purple to celebrate International Women’s Month
Register via Google Form:
Payment can be made in cash at MOWES, the Hive, or via bank transfer.
Visit for more information
MOWES’ first gala benefit, in collaboration with the Hive. Highlighting incredible individuals and organizations run by women to strengthen the bond between people.
這是MOWES與The Hive台北共享空間首次合作舉辦的性平慈善晚宴。慶祝傑出女性以及由女性所建立的組織,以深化人與人之間的連結。
Our mission is to create a sacred space for people in the community and bring awareness to gender inequalities, gender-based violence, and sexual freedom so that we may empower individuals to use their voices in solidarity. MOWES has been a sacred space for many in the last 3+ years.
The proceeds from the Benefit will go to keeping our doors open and make it possible for us to expand our community outreach program, where we host free seminars and workshops on gender equality, sexual harassment, and self-confidence at local high schools and universities. We hope to create awareness for LGTQIA+ issues and empower others to work together towards a more equal and compassionate world. Join us in empowering each other and help us keep our doors open for many more to come.
當晚所募得的款項將注入MOWES的持續經營,並協助我們深入推進社區影響力計畫,進入高中和大學舉辦倡導性別平等、認識性騷擾、建立自信心的免費研討會和工作坊。期望我們能夠提高人們對LGTQIA +議題的認識,並期許與他人共同朝著更加平等和富有同情心的世界邁進。和我們一起,彼此互相激勵,支持MOWES,迎接更多挑戰。
We will perform an extract from our original episodic play, which was inspired by stories we collected from people in our community about the experiences of having a vulva/vagina. These experiences share stories of great joy, discovery, pleasure, pain, struggle, and growth through generations. Each one is sacred and unique. Our play will be performed by women, non-binary, and trans voices in English, Mandarin and Taiwanese.
A silent auction will be held throughout the event featuring artwork, handmade leatherwork, life coach consulting, yoga, dance, personal training classes and more.
The Benefit Gala includes a 3-course catered vegan meal from Ooh Cha Cha and dessert made by Red Room Rendezvous.
性平慈善晚宴將提供Ooh Cha Cha提供的三道純素餐和紅房餐酒館的甜點。
What is MOWES?
MOWES is a non-profit community space in Taipei dedicated to gender equality, focusing on women’s empowerment. We host classes and events that foster diversity, acceptance, and equality for all. Find us in Shida Nightmarket or online at
What is the Hive?
The Hive is a well-known coworking space across 7 countries. The Taiwan location is located in Taipei, Ximen area and run by four women. We have more than 200 members here in Taipei, which include local Taiwanese companies and individuals, and foreigners who make Taipei their second home. (For details please check out our official website
設計獨特的台北共享辦公室,於2019年1月正式營運。座落於台北市中心,全球有21間據點,目前台北店有超過200位會員,是提供公司營業登記及新創團隊舒適的最佳選擇。The Hive Taipei 致力於建立一個促進交流、協作的社群,為您量身打造一個超脫傳統辦公室的環境。我們的會員涵蓋海內外的企業、新創團隊和各式型態的遠距工作者,幫助您的業務茁壯發展。
If you have any questions or issues registering, email
Please wear mask at all times 請戴口罩
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