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MIT 氣候變遷策略模擬實戰營 En-Roads Climate Simulation: UN Roleplay

想對氣候變遷及環境議題獻一份心力但不知道如何著手嗎?麻省理工開發的氣候變遷策略模擬遊戲 — 不僅透過UN的角色扮演,並結合數據分析的基礎,帶領你學習氣候變遷知識並與小組協作找出解決方案。快來體驗麻省理工也在使用的策略工具!



7/3星期五加入在 @theHiveTaipei 舉辦,由@台灣青年氣候聯盟TWYCC 和 系統思考顧問公司@Omplexity主持的「En-Roads 氣候變遷模擬會議」,各位將會體驗到一場不同凡響的模擬聯合國會議!

🎟 報名參加:



• 限制溫室氣體排放和減緩氣候變化最重要的技術是什麼?

• 聯合國和其他利害關係人如何建立共識?

• 如何使用系統性思考來幫利害關係人共同制定策略




📆 日期: July 3, 2020

🕒 時間: 19:00-22:00

📍地點: The Hive Taipei

🗣語言: English (with Chinese assistance)


門票:Hive 會員/$300, 非會員/$350



台灣青年氣候聯盟Taiwan Youth Climate Coalition (簡稱TWYCC),成立於2011年,是由來自台灣各地對環境保育、氣候變遷充滿熱情的青年組成的團體,為台灣第一個以青年為主運作的環境NGO,同時也以台灣環境議題的青年交流平台為宗旨,擴展青年氣候行動



• Joe Hsueh, Ph.D


• Ian MacRae


• Edward Yang



• Joanne Zhong

Vice CEO




You care about the climate crisis. But do you know what it will really take to make a difference?


Since the Paris Agreement was signed five years ago, innovation has pressed ahead, even as national commitments have stumbled. Technologies have been piloted and we have more data than ever before about what makes the biggest impacts.


But which of these policies should we scale up? Which investments do we make?


Join us at The Hive Taipei on Friday, July 3 as we’re joined by the Taiwan Youth Climate Coalition (TWYCC) and systems mapping consultancy, Omplexity, as they host the En-Roads Climate Simulation where we will role play various industries at the UN.


Together, we’ll explore:

• What technologies are emerging as the most important to limit greenhouse gas emissions and slow climate change.

• How UN and other deliberative bodies build consensus

• How system dynamics and systems mapping are used to help broad stakeholder groups build collective strategy


No prior climate knowledge is necessary. The presentation and whole group session will be held in English, with Chinese assistance available.

🎟 Register here:

📆 Date: July 3, 2020

🕒 Time: 19:00-22:00

📍Where: The Hive Taipei


More about En-Roads

Created by Climate Interactive and the MIT Sloan School Sustainability Initiative, the En-ROADS simulation is built on a system dynamics model that weaves together the best available science and research into how our world reacts to interventions into our energy and land use choices. It factors in important dynamics such as delay times, progress ratios, price sensitivities, historic growth of energy sources, and energy efficiency potential.


The game has been played in companies, schools, and communities around the world.



With its roots in the system dynamics department at the MIT Sloan School of Management, Omplexity helps leaders build skills, develop organizational strategy, and catalyze networked collaborations. Omplexity specializes in using systems mapping and systems thinking to overcome silo thought and action, realizing systems change to a regenerative economy.


Taiwan Youth Climate Coalition (TWYCC)

Taiwan Youth Climate Coalition (TWYCC) is the first youth environmental NGO in Taiwan. We aim to become a youth climate movement by building a cooperative platform for youth in Taiwan to diffuse knowledge, find partners, and make change. Our projects range from international working groups on climate negotiation to local action groups with a specific focus on water issues.


We believe in climate justice and sustainability. We build trust among every youth who identifies as a TWYCC’er. Together, we are committed to achieving a just, sustainable, and compassionate world for every human being.

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