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香氛下的紅酒正念冥想 Wine Mindfulness Meditation & Aromatherapy

Join us at the Hive Taipei for a mindfulness session, where we will focus on WINE Meditation! 🍷

Mindfulness is a form of meditation based on being present with whatever it is you are doing, from sitting and breathing to walking and even eating! After this session, you will become a better taster and be able to describe wine more effectively, while reducing stress. 

So join us to raise your glass of wine, view its burgundy hue, and smell its hints of fruit. Raise it to your lips and savor its sweet taste, and in that moment, we encourage you to focus on nothing else but the notes in that glass of wine. 



我們邀請你空出1小時,在充滿植物香氣的環境,來體驗及練習「香氛下的紅酒正念念冥想」。 嘗試給自己,也給身邊的人一個學習休息、復原、以及重新出發的機會。


門票 Admission: $500/person (includes a drink) 

📍地點 Where: The Hive Taipei

📅日期 When: 12月 4日 Dec 4th 2019, 7:00 – 9:00 

🗣 語言 Language: English, 中文

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