18/09/2019 07:00pm the Hive Taipei

手做花草蠟燭 Herb & Grass Candle Workshop by Eye Candle

快來一起做由獨一無二的 Eye Candle 造型蠟燭工作室 指導,屬於您自己的香草蠟燭!🌿🕯
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📍地點: The Hive Taipei
📅日期: 禮拜三 9/18th 2019, 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm
小蠟燭 (120ml): 會員 $680NTD/ 非會員 $780NTD
中蠟燭 (240ml): 會員 $980NTD/非會員 $1080NTD
成立於 2012 年 7 月,有別於市面上的容器香氛蠟燭,eye candle 以造型和顏色做為設計的出發點,製造出各式有趣的造型香氛蠟燭。對我們而言蠟燭不僅僅是只有照明、香氛舒壓的功用,它也是一個家飾、一種生活品味的呈現。eye candle在散發芬芳香氣的同時也同樣在與空間、與人對話,像是一件藝術品,提升生活空間的質感。
Come and make your very own herb & grass candle led by the one and only Eye Candle 造型蠟燭工作室!* 🌿🕯
Known for creating beautifully scented candles with strong design aesthetics, here’s your chance to create one just as lovely as theirs. 🕯
Enjoy playing with wax while having a drink and let’s craft the evening away!
Candles come in two sizes: small 120 ml, medium 240 ml
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About Eye Candle:
Established in July 2012, Eye Candle is a unique scented candle company that uses design as a focal point to create a variety of beautifully scented candles. For Eye Candle, candles don’t only function as a source of light and aroma, they represent a piece of decor and an appreciation for a certain lifestyle. As Eye Candle spreads its fragrance, like a work of art, it creates a dialogue with the space it touches and the people it interacts with and it enhances its surroundings.
📍Where: The Hive Taipei
📅When: Wednesday, September 18th 2019, 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm
Small Candle (120ml): Hive Members $680NTD/ Non-Members $780NTD
Medium Candle (240ml): Hive Members $980NTD/Non-Members $1080NTD
*both includes a drink
**please check RSVP link for payment transfer, thank you.
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